Well, kids, this one of the first posts of a new era.  I also put up some sort of new horoscopes (the prefaces are new) on the T. Herman Zweibel blog:

A Fine Memorial Day to You, Good Sirs

Commemorating the Beheading of Ann Boleyn

And get ready, because I think we’re gonna live blog an NBA Finals game.

A mess of articles, interesting and not:

(6/1) Buffett, Dreman, Heebner Are Due for a Comeback

(5/5) Bankruptcy Sleuths Find Cash in Trader Receipts for Lap Dancers

(5/14) Paulson Memo Warned Banks to Take Aid or Be ‘Exposed’

(5/14) Goldman Pays Greenmail to Make Snoops Go Away

(5/14) Dead People, Cats Receive Anti-Poverty Funds

(5/14) Banker Sugar Daddy Cries Foul When Baby Extorts

(5/13) Miller Wrestles Whitney in Showdown Over Bank Stocks

(5/21) The Jackson Political Machine: Jesse Jackson Jr. Pays Campaign Funds to Chicago Alderman Wife

(5/21) Dollar Is Dirt, Treasuries Are Toast, AAA Is Gone

(5/21) Inflation ‘Cure’ Exposed When In-Laws Move In

(5/22) Bear Stearns to Algebra I Means Lost Dollars in Trickle-Down

(5/26) Accounting Gymnastics: JPMorgan’s WaMu Windfall Turns Bad Loans Into Income

(5/26) The Cartel Expands: Wall Street Derivatives Proposals Adopted in Treasury Overhaul

(5/26) Moody’s Opens Pandora’s Box on AAA Debt Ratings

(5/26) Diamonds Among the Stocks the Rally Left Behind

(5/26) Buy Commodities, Pay Off Debt as Inflation Looms

(5/26) The Tamil Tigers’ Last Battle

(5/19) At the Estates of the Fabulously Rich, Gilded Era Going, Going Gone

(5/21) Barter makes a comeback

(5/27) Mafia Cash Increases Grip on Sinking Italy Defying Berlusconi

(5/27) Latvian Hookers Signal No Recovery for Economy

(5/27) Merrill, IndyMac Show Investors Whom to Distrust

(5/27) U.S. Recession May Soon End, Business Economists Say *Guffaws*

(5/28) Mortgage Delinquencies, Foreclosures, Rates Increase

(5/28) Jumping Mortgage Rates Cloud ‘Risk Appetite’ Return

(5/29) Bernanke Bid to Lift Housing Scuttled by Rising Rates

(5/29) Roubini Finds Economy Even He Can Be Bullish On (South Korea?)

(5/29) Bloated U.S. Consumer Unfit for Recovery Marathon

(6/1) Citigroup Stuck With Bernanke Offer Rival Banks Plan to Refuse

(6/1) California Leads Nation to Bond Default Abyss

(6/1) Bubble Trouble Haunts Japan 20 Years After Crash

(6/1) Gross, Grantham, Bogle Lift Lid on ‘New Normal’

(5/31) Orwell’s Impact, 60 Years Later

(6/2) Bond Vigilantes Find True Calling in Zimbabwe

(6/2) Lowenstein: As GM Goes So Goes California in Pensions

(6/2) Rand’s Atlas Is Shrugging With a Growing Load

(6/2) Cox Questioned Fannie, Freddie Oversight While at SEC

(6/2) Even the Keynesians are Upset: Obama Stimulus Slow to Trickle Into ‘Real Economy’

(6/2) Americans ‘Don’t Care’ About GM, Bankruptcy-Stung Detroit Says

(6/2) Geithner Says China Has Confidence in U.S. Economy

(6/2) Reagan did what?  The Fantasies of Paul Krugman

(6/2) Dying by the Sword: Citi halts severance payouts to some former execs

(5/19) Lap Dancers, Cocaine Didn’t Cause Credit Crunch

(5/20) Economists Stuck in 1930s Need a Decade Update

(5/17) Jeremy Clarkson of the Times is not a fan of the Honda Insight

At Estates of the Fabulously Rich, Gilded Era Is Going, Going, Gone


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