Roundup – The Doctor is In

“Your vagina is not the same as Room 207.”

Headline of the Year: Brown May Hurt U.K. Credit Rating By Naming Balls as Chancellor

Not even Caligula had the rocks to name his balls to a cabinet post.

In other news:

(6/4) The Last of the 300 Win Pitchers?

(6/5) University of Oregon Senior, Blazer Cheerleader and she begins an article with “My distate for LA began early”.  Do tell, Ms. Tusow.

(6/5) British Man Rides Zebra to Pub – Strange days in the old country…

(6/2) Six questions for Bruce Campbell: “As a kid, I just blew stuff up.”

(6/8) NYT on a program that uses Squash to help Harlem kids prepare for college: “At first, the Harvard Club ‘freaked the kids out a little,’ said Mr. Polsky, who belongs to the club. ‘There were animal heads on the wall, and white people.'”

(6/4) Medical bills tied to 60 percent of bankruptcies

(6/5) Bank Profits From Accounting Rules Masking Looming Loan Losses

(6/5) Drinking to Excess Is Banking’s Hangover Cure

(6/4) VIX, Currency Options Signal Rally May End: Technical Analysis

(6/5) ‘Legacy of Debt’ Gives Fiscal Stimulus Bad Name

(6/4) Thorsten Polleit on Inflation

(6/2) This Craziness will End

(6/3) Ten Best Conspiracy Theories

(5/19) When the Drug War Ends: Netherlands to Close Prisons for Lack of Criminals

(6/4) Decline of the US Dollar: Asian Initiative to Create a Commodity-based Money?

(6/4) Paco Ahlgren on the Foundations of the Current Crisis


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