Roundup – Kirk’s Back Rub

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Line O’ The Day:

“One of the new commercials even says ‘Depp. Is. Dillinger.’ in three dramatic on-screen cuts, but no mention of Bale.  Nothing.  At all. How can that be?  They still put Cameron Diaz on posters and that fug dipshit hasn’t sold a movie by herself ever.  Posters with her are only good if you need something to point at as you tell the ticket guy, ‘I don’t know what that one is but if you sell me a ticket for it I will punch you in the face.'” [Filmdrunk]


Seeking Alpha


And this one gets its own line:

Joe Jackson is Devastated: “Michaels father Joe Jackson held a press conference with the Rev. Al Sharpton today, and it was every bit the understated and dignified affair as that made it sound. Is that a giant purple gorilla behind them? You know it brother.” The purple gorilla almost makes more sense than Al Sharpton.  What is Al doing there?  Furthermore, what does Al do anymore?  Can you even list “tragedy profiteer” on an IRS return?


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