Roundup – The Uncler

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“The average NFL career lasts 3.8 years. At this moment, some 39 NFL players have already lost their seasons to injury; nearly 200 in all have found their way onto this list. A fifth of the retired NFL players who could recall having sustained three or more concussions during their playing days have been diagnosed with depression. At least four former NFL players have died from the effects of football-related brain damage. Brown, Lurie and above all Goodell have built very lucrative careers for themselves in a sport that dispatches humans onto a field to maul each other and that differs from dogfighting largely as a matter of taxonomy. In football, of course, the participants maul each other of their own free will. Usually. But no one with a stake in such a sadistic and dehumanizing endeavor — not Goodell, not Lurie, not Brown — has any authority to plumb the depths of another human being’s morality. Where is their self-hatred?” [Deadspin]

Best of the Best:



So Bad, It’s Good:

Pitino Ran into the Biggest Dynasty in Sports [Jason Whitlock Manages to Offend Everyone]


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