Roundup – Storm

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Line O’ the Day:

“The one decent part of the city, Northwest, is populated exclusively with douchebag lawyers, or douchebags who work on Capitol Hill. All of them wear Madras shorts with blazers in the summer, and all of them deserve to taste your fucking fury…And it’s fucking humid here. They built this goddamn town on a swamp, which is exactly what springs up in your ass for five months out of the year. September here is August. Bugs are everywhere. Real estate prices are out of hand. Joe Theismann pops up on radio ads here from time to time. This town is ASS. It’s lameness made tangible. [Deadspin – Big Daddy Drew, on the city of Washington, D.C.]

Best of the Best:

“It is true that some opponents of Obamacare have raised poor arguments, just as there were poor arguments raised in opposition to the Iraq war and much else under Bush. But don’t pretend there’s only one civil side of the debate. Many of us have raised serious constitutional, moral and economic arguments against giving the government more power over American health care. Simply dismissing them out of hand on the basis that we should trust our leaders in power to do what is right, or at least what they think is right, is not just a poor argument; it’s totally inconsistent with what the left was saying for eight years under Bush.” [A Question for Liberals on Trusting the Government, Anthony Gregory, the Independent Institute]


Why Your Team Sucks:

In Other News:


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