Global Warble – Beyond the Climate Scandal

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To anyone that has been following the shots taken at the Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory (AGW), it has been the hacked email exchanges between scientists that has caused much consternation on the part of AGW contingent, overshadowing the recent climate summit in Copenhagen.

At the Heat Death Hour, we fervently believe that in the one hour before the heat death of the universe, there will be a party that is a combination of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe,  a Disaster Area concert and Mesh Fest.

The Articles of AGW:

The opponents of AGW, particularly those on LRC who air various conspiracy theories, whether it be on JFK or Pearl Harbor, seem to drop their guard with respect to AGW in presenting the Russian (read here: the Russian government) attacks on AGW–given that around 30-35% of Russia’s government revenues derive from oil and gas.

The Heat Death Hour still does not accept AGW at face-value; as with all conjecture, only time will tell.


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