Roundup – Carl’s Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week

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Line O’ the Day:

[ed note. My own BCS attack was sadly put to shame by BDD; well, assuming anyone read that article…the three people that looked at that article]

“There’s nothing to fix with this Week 17 problem. Week 17 of the NFL season usually sucks. Big fucking deal. After that, you get to the playoffs, and the playoffs are AWESOME. If a lousy Week 17 is the tradeoff for a great playoffs, I have no issue with it. No one remembers what happens in Week 17, just as they don’t remember what happens in the preseason. And that’s because the playoffs own so fucking hard. The aggressively retarded Inside the BCS Twitter feed would have you believe this one lame week of the NFL season totally justifies how college football does its business. BULLSHIT. Complete bullshit. Like college football has any more fucking integrity. I’d rather have a meaningless ending to the regular season and a solid postseason instead of the other way around (and the end of the college regular season sometimes isn’t even that great, like this year). Who won the Orange Bowl this year? Iowa? Who fucking cares? No one will remember that shit five minutes from now, except a bunch of assholes in a cornfield. Fucking BCS cunts. You want to keep your retarded system? By all means, go right ahead. But don’t try telling me it’s somehow superior to the postseason system deployed by every other sport. I hope your assholes get filled with boiling oil, you smug pricks. DIE. GET PARKINSON’S, START SHAKING, AND FUCKING DIE.” – Big Daddy Drew, Children Will Crush Your Playoff Dreams.  Wildcard Playoff Jambaroo. [Deadspin]

Best of the Best:

The Remains:


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