Roundup – Midget Karate Chop

Line O’ the Day:


We’d better head back to base before it gets dark.  There’s no way to locate Sam now.


No way to locate him?  We spent billions of dollars growing these things and didn’t bother giving them a GPS or something?  I have a fucking GPS in my running shoes.  How does the “jacking in” process work if we can’t locate the fucking things?

– Rod, Avatar: the Abridged Script [The Editing Room]

Best of the Best:

In the Left Corner:

How About Some Dessert Instead

Restaurant | Ireland

(I have a table of four foreign business-men. One of them looks very sad.)

Sad customer: “And also, you bring me tea because this country is very cold and I am sick.”

Me: “I’m sorry you’re not well. Of course I’ll bring you some tea.”

Sad customer: “…and then you marry me, because no-one will marry me.”


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