Roundup – End of the World

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Line O the Day:

“Baseball desperately needs customized batting helmets. Why the fuck not? They already slather those things with buckets of pine tar, tobacco juice, sunflower seed husks, and used Dominican TP anyway (yaki yaki!). They look like shit. Maybe if you let players paint a golden skull on their own helmet, they wouldn’t be so quick to tar them with their own feces. And it’s not like in football, where the helmet plays crucial role in identifying an opponent. Helmet or not, you know damn well who’s playing for whom on the baseball field. The guy batting. The guy leading off from first and not wearing a fielding glove. Those guys are quite obviously NOT on the defense. I say, let those fuckers paint a big-titted chick on a Harley on their helmets if they please. And if you get a tard player like John Olerud who has to wear a hard fielding hat, I say let him paint that too. He’s special like that.” – Big Daddy Drew, Bogus Rumors About Entourage Douches that We’ll Choose to Believe Anyway [Deadspin]

Best of the Best:

The Remains:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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