Best Score – Stuck in the Middle

The purpose of Best Score.

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Starring: Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Chris Penn, Steve Buscemi, Lawrence Tierney, Michael Madsen, Quentin Tarantino, Eddie Bunker, Kirk Baltz, Steven Wright ( Voice )

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Screenwriter: Quentin Tarantino

“You ever listen to K-Billy’s ‘Super Sounds of the Seventies’?”

If you’ve seen this film, this scene will practically ruin for you the Steeler’s Wheel one-hit-wonder “Stuck in the Middle”.  Michael Madsen shows just how disturbed his character is by cutting off a defenseless police officer’s ear while dancing to the song.

The song is seamlessly included into both the plot as Madsen turns on a radio show playing the diddy, a showwhich serves to frame the entire film.  Madsen creepily uses the song to guide his action while it provides a background to the most gruesome part of scene (which is not shown).  When it’s suddenly cut-off by Tim Roth gunning down Madsen, the action is all the more unexpected. The near flawless arrangement provides the centerpiece of the film and a signal that the end is near.


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