Best Score – Afternoon Delight

Purpose of Best Score.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

Starring: Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, David Koechner, Fred Willard, Chris Parnell, Kathryn Hahn, Seth Rogen, Danny Trejo, Ian Roberts, Laura Kightlinger, Judd Apatow, Bill Kurtis (voice), Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller, Jack Black (cameo), Tim Robbins, Jerry Stiller (cameo), Vince Vaughn

Screenplay by: Will Ferrell and Adam McKay

Directed by: Adam McKay

Music by: “Deep Burgundy” and “Baby Making Flute Solo” written and performed by Marc Ellis, “Aqualung” by Ian Anderson and Jennie Anderson, “Afternoon Delight” written by Bill Danoff and performed by Will Ferrell

Anchorman, like The Big Lebowski, is a film that grows funnier with repeated viewings. The jazz flute scene seemed to fall flat the first time around but even then it showed its brilliance with the reference to Jethro Tull’s “Aqualung”.

Then there was the nonsensical a capella performance of “Afternoon Delight”.  Genius.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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