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Roundup – Twilight Clap

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Line O’ the Day:

“Here’s another way Bradford could screw up his draft stock: By the Rams suddenly realizing that giving $41+ million guaranteed to a guy who won the Heisman two years ago by padding his stats against the absolute shittiest Big 12 defenses you have ever seen or ever will see, is perhaps not as wise as giving that money to fucking Kong.

“Quick aside: This is a football column, yes? And yet, here we are, talking about baseball. Even worse, talking about PRESEASON baseball, perhaps the most meaningless thing in the universe outside of a Foo Fighters lyric.

These Rays scare this Red Sox follower. Oh no! I’m so concerned for you! A young, likable team might challenge your deathless corporate douche factory!” – Big Daddy Drew, Peter King’s Monday Morning Third Base Coach [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Best of the Best:

The Remains:

Vodpod videos no longer available.